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Colorado Associationfor MedicalEquipment Services



CAMES is an organization made up of medical equipment companies, including oxygen delivery services and supplies, medical supplies, orthotics and prosthetics, wheelchairs, hospital beds, rehabilitation equipment, and many other specialty medical items. We, the members of CAMES, believe that to meet our social responsibilities we much promote sound business practices and we must provide high quality, cost effective, health care and health care alternatives to meet the medical needs of the communities that we serve throughout Colorado.



  • Complicated Medicaid Reimbursement Authorizations and Billing

  • Medicaid Reimbursement Deficits – Even Medicare pays more

Quality care for our patients/clients

  • Making sure Access to quality care for our patients/clients

  • Keeping businesses healthy for their employees

Affordable Healthcare

  • Balanced regulations

  • Work for an environment to let businesses grow.


At the Colorado Association for Medical Equipment Services (CAMES), we're dedicated to upholding our social obligations by advocating for ethical business practices and delivering top-notch healthcare solutions. Our diverse membership comprises various medical equipment companies, ranging from oxygen delivery services to orthotics and prosthetics providers. At CAMES, we stay abreast of healthcare developments and strive to empower our communities with valuable medical equipment insights and resources.

  • CAMES positively impacts regulatory and legislative change benefiting our clients / patients and our businesses.

  • We promote the positive perception of the HME industry to the general public, the healthcare industry and our legislators.

  • In an environment of ever increasing competition for state and federal reimbursement, we provide networking opportunities encouraging the birth of new ideas, increasing collaborative efforts and strengthening our sphere of influence.

  • We foster high standards for the safe, efficient and ethical provision of medical equipment services. Through educational programs, we “raise the bar” on business practices within the industry and continually promote personal and organizational development.

  • We establish a standard of conduct within our industry fostering the well being of all parties involved.


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