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Anti-Trust Disclaimer:

As members of the Colorado Association for Medical Equipment Services (CAMES), we are committed to promoting sound business practices and providing high-quality, cost-effective healthcare alternatives for patients at home in the communities we serve. Our organization comprises medical equipment companies, including oxygen, respiratory equipment (i.e., sleep therapy devices, ventilator equipment, respiratory assist devices, etc.), medical supplies, orthotics and prosthetics, wheelchairs, hospital beds, rehabilitation equipment, enteral nutrition, incontinence supplies, and other specialty medical items.

  1. Compliance with Antitrust Laws: CAMES members must adhere to all applicable antitrust laws and regulations. We recognize the importance of fair competition and will not engage in any activities that violate antitrust principles.

  2. Independent Decision-Making: Each member should independently determine its business practices, including pricing, purchasing decisions, and contracting. Collective decisions that could harm competition are strictly prohibited.

  3. Avoid Price Fixing and Collusion: Discussions related to pricing, discounts, or terms of sale that could lead to price-fixing, collusion, or market manipulation are strictly prohibited. Such actions harm consumers and competitors.

  4. Information Sharing: While we encourage information sharing and best practices, members should avoid discussions about sensitive topics such as pricing, costs, or market strategies. Sharing competitively sensitive information can lead to antitrust violations.

  5. Reporting Violations: If any member suspects antitrust violations within CAMES, please report them promptly to the association’s leadership or legal counsel. We take such matters seriously and will address them appropriately.

  6. Positive Industry Perception: CAMES actively promotes a positive perception of the home medical equipment (HME) industry to the general public, healthcare professionals, and legislators. We foster networking opportunities, encourage collaboration, and strive for high standards in service provision.

  7. Legislative Advocacy: CAMES positively impacts regulatory and legislative change, advocating for adequate reimbursement to our businesses while ensuring access to quality care for our patients and clients.

By adhering to these principles, we contribute to a competitive and ethical healthcare environment that benefits both our clients and our businesses.

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